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The App That Splits the Bill According to the Gender Pay Gap

If you’ve ever wished conversations about the pay discrepancy between men and women were more front and center, we’ve got good news: EquiTABLE is a new app that divvies the dinner check according to the gender wage gap.

Here’s how it works: Download it for free (right now, it’s available only for iOS) and plug in your name and gender. Then, when the check hits the table, create profiles for your friends and tap Split Bill.

The app then uses actual Bureau of Labor Statistics (women earn an average of 79 cents for every “male” dollar, in case you were wondering) and calculates exactly how much you and your dude pals should kick in.

So…if you’re splitting a $65 check evenly with Brad and George, the two of them will each owe $23.13, but you’ll need to chip in only $18.74.

The app does give the guys the option to protest the charges with a list of pre-programmed excuses (“I’m aware of my privilege, thanks”), but if they do, cue a deep dinner-table discussion about male privilege.

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