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Summer goals: Less time on your smartphone, more time at the pool. Unless you’re checking the beach forecast/sharing vacay pics/manning the grill. Here, the only seven apps you’ll need to get you through the season.



Sure, it costs $3.99, but when you’re at the beach, it’s hands down the best way to know (down to the minute) that it will be drizzling from 9:27 a.m. until 10:17 a.m., but after that totally clear.

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'Tis the season for BBQ. Which is why this app is a lifesaver. It includes a timer and a grilling guide that makes it a breeze to keep tabs on your meat. Simply open the app, select your meat type, the level of thickness and the desired doneness (aka medium rare). Then go about your business. The app will ping you the second you need to flip your burgers…or steak.

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It’s the Fourth of July. You’re going to be cooking for 25-plus people. Outsource your most annoying to-dos (like grocery shopping! or cleaning!) with help from this super-efficient app that sets you up with a gig economy smartie who will do your dirty work for you. (Now available in 19 cities and counting.) 

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Summer without a road trip isn’t summer at all. This app will help you find the nearest and cheapest gas station, no matter how lost you get. Essential? We think so.

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SKY GUIDE ($1.99)

A must-have for kids and adults. Because when you’re eating dinner alfresco or camping out in your backyard, why wouldn’t you want to know which breathtaking constellations are looming over your head? The best part is how easy it is to use: Just hold your iPhone (or iPad) up to the sky and it automatically aligns with the stars--no Wi-Fi required.

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It’s inevitable: You will forget something important (like your phone charger) when you leave for vacation. Not anymore thanks to this user-friendly checklist app. Plug in the dates of your trip, your destination and activities--everything from swimming to traveling with a baby--and a comprehensive packing list will appear. (It’s the stuff Type A people seriously dream about.) 

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How else are you going to show off all those beach trips? Add a filter, tap to co-share on Facebook and you’re done.

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