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You’re not sure what you would do without your smartphone. But while your fave emojis ([heart], [dancing lady], [pizza]) certainly make your life better, they don’t make it easier. These simple tech upgrades do just that. Take a breath. You’re not the best multitasker in the world. 

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netflix party apps dallas

Netflix Party
Netflix and chill was so last season. It’s time to Netflix and party. And by that we mean binge-watching Mad Men with all of your Jon Hamm-obsessed besties at the same time. This extension syncs up your video playback so that you can easily chat without having to leave the screen.

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No, but seriously, how many times a day do you sit at your computer guessing at passwords? Was it Ilovemydog30 or Ilovemydog31? This password managing extension keeps all of your passwords safe and sound in one secure location. Even better, it auto-fills your login info when you need it and gives you access from all of your devices

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Block & Focus
Remember during finals in college when you would deactivate your Facebook so that you could study? Well, this extension makes sure you keep away from the sites that cause the most distraction (looking at you, cat vids)  by blocking them for a set amount of time. Because more often than not, “five minutes” of stalking your ex actually eats up an hour.

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likeittoknowit apps dallas
Gone are the days when we liked our favorite fashion blogger’s outfit on Instagram and then had to wait for an email to get product details. Now, thanks to this brand-new app (launched this week), all you have to do is take a screenshot and you’ll be taken to a platform to shop the look. How’s that for instant gratification?

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The Great Suspender
You have a tab addiction (don’t worry, so do we). So if the tab hoarder in you has gotten out of control, this smart extension frees up your memory by temporarily suspending unused tabs.

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amazon prime now apps dallas

Amazon Prime Now
As if Amazon Prime weren't already our BFF, it went and got even better with Amazon Prime Now. With this handy-dandy app, you can order household goods right to your door within the hour (for a small fee) or in a couple of hours for free. You do have to tip the driver, but what’s $5 when you are out of formula and your baby is wailing?

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Evernote 6.0
Type-A people, listen up. Get everything organized and done using all the cool to-do features of this app. Those who love making to-do lists for their family members (cough, cough, husbands) can easily share them and see when items have been checked off the list. Plus, you can add anything (pictures, emails, etc.).

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