The Chrome “Nope” Extension Makes Your Phone Ring When You Want to Get Out of an IRL Convo

You’re at your desk minding your own business when annoying coworker Polly swings by to chat. But I'm on deadline, you think internally, knowing there’s no easy way to excuse yourself when you’re trapped at your very own desk. Except there is: It’s a Chrome extension called Nope.

How it works: Nope is basically a button you install in your Chrome. Click it once and your phone will automatically ring, giving you an easy conversation out.

How to set it up: Installation is easy. Simply visit the Nope site and click Add to Chrome. A little green icon with the letter N will appear in the upper left corner near your bookmarks. Click it and you’ll be prompted to plug in your phone number. Hit Activate and you’re done.

Uh-oh, Polly’s approaching. Click the “N” icon right away. Your phone will start ringing with a call you have to take. On the other end of the phone is a recording with instructions for how to act extra apologetic about your incoming call.

Productivity saved. Better luck next time, Polly.

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