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Picking out a baby name--like Fleur--is hard. Getting your hubby to agree on said baby name is even harder.

That’s where BabyName comes in. This Tinder-style app allows you and your baby daddy to create a short list of potential monikers simply by swiping right on the names you love and left on the ones you don’t.

Here’s how it works: Download the free app (available for iOS and Android) on both your phone and your husband’s. You’ll get a prompt to connect the devices via text message (“Hi, let’s find a baby name together”) and can start swiping from there.

Both swiped right on Alvin? You’ll get a notification that you have a match and the name will be added to a shared pink and blue short list that you can debate later on. Any name either of you doesn’t like is out of the running for good.

There are more than 30,000 names, from Alexandra to Persephone, to choose from, which makes the app just slightly addictive. May the best baby name win.

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