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This New Service from Amazon Turns Your Alexa into a One-Woman Welcome Committee for Houseguests
Courtesy of Amazon

When it comes to triggering the weather, your daily flash briefing (hey, don't forget to enable PureWow) or a kitchen timer, you're a voice-activated pro at navigating the Amazon Alexa on your countertop. But a new feature that allows you to personalize your own Amazon Alexa skill is upping the ante in terms of the usefulness of the device, especially as it pertains to hosting houseguests: It's called Skill Blueprints.

Here's how it works: Say you're going out of town and your Aunt Martha will be housesitting. Amazon offers a Skill Blueprint called Houseguest that makes it a breeze to set up a guided Q&A that addresses all the need-to-know info about your home. (Think everything from “Where's the remote?” to “What's the Wi-Fi password?”) In other words, you can basically customize Martha's experience in minutes—including info about where to find things, how to do things and more—so it's ready for Martha to call up whenever she has a question about her stay.

One recommendation from Amazon to make it even more user-friendly for Martha: Print out a list of the questions that she can ask. (That will help her know the range of info available to her by voice command when she's a guest at your home.)

Next, relish the time you've saved not having to answer text after text about common household info. (“Gah, Martha, the Wi-Fi password is on the fridge!”)

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