Your Cell Phone Can Now Emit Scents

At this point, your phone can stimulate your eyes, ears and brain. But your nose? An inventive new Japanese company thinks so.

Scentee ($70) is a smartphone attachment that plugs into the earbud port of your phone and emits a spritz of fragrance when you send or receive notifications.

Choose from five different scent cartridges--strawberry, rose, lavender, rosemary or coffee (bacon’s up next)--and sync your Scentee device with the corresponding iPhone or Android app. From then on, you can link scents with various contacts or set smells to go off alongside a particular alert. (We love the idea of setting "coffee" as our morning alarm.) As for how long it lasts: The company says about 100 spritzes.

Think it sounds suspect? We’re guessing it’s only a matter of time before your phone can tickle all your senses. Just imagine the day when Siri reaches out and gives you a big old hug.

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