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She lacks Rosie’s personality and she’s less intuitive than Jibo, but Alexa--the voice of Amazon’s new, nine-inch-tall robot-meets-speaker called Echo--can still help you get s!$# done.

So if you’re in the market for a digital personal assistant (who isn’t?!), check out our handy comparison.

Jibo: Sounds like a grown-up Justin Bieber
Echo: Talks like a more realistic Siri
Rosie: Sympathetic beeps

Work Ethic
Jibo: Great at reminding you to do things and buying movie tickets
Echo: Always knows the current forecast; answers questions via Wikipedia; can make you a music playlist in a jiffy
Rosie: Cleans her metal fingers to the bone; cries occasionally 

Jibo: $600, shipping in April 2016; preorders currently on hold due to demand
Echo: $200 or $99 for Prime members; you need an invitation from Amazon to order; ship date not set
Rosie: Fictional robot; available only via Jetsons reruns

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