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Like Starbucks orders and fonts, your emoji of choice reveals a lot about your personality. Read on to find out what your favorite one says about you. 

emoji personality cat heart eyes1

What it means: According to the heart eyes cat, you love love--and life and smiles and, yes, cats.
Often used with: Princess
Spirit animal: Taylor Swift

emoji personality bunny ears

What it means: You and your dancing twins attend ladies' night with some regularity. 
Often used with: Tropical drink
Spirit animal: Any Real Housewife

emoji personality info desk girl

What it means: Technically the information desk emoji (what?), this gal means you could not care less.
Often used with: Crown
Spirit animal: Rihanna

emoji personality hov hands

What it means: Hov hands mean you can get an "amen."
Often used with: Fire
Spirit animals: Jay and Bey

emoji personality dancer

What it means: You think tables are for dancing and don't read into the salsa queen's lack of hands. 
Often used with: Party popper
Spirit animal: Sofia Vergara

emoji personality poop

What it means: Just like the contradiction of a smiling pile of poop, you're a lovable curmudgeon.  
Often used with: Crying-laugh + pistol
Spirit animal: Bill Murray

emoji personality ring

What it means: Either you just got engaged or are using this ring ironically because your Facebook newsfeed has become so unbearable. 
Often used with: Manicure for the former, wine for the latter
Spirit animal: Lauren Conrad for the former, Amy Schumer for the latter

emoji personality monkey

What it means: You had one drink too many last night. Speak no evil monkey gets it.
Often used with: Gritted-teeth face
Spirit animal: Lindsay Lohan

emoji personality smiley1

What it means: Emoticons = you are decidedly not a millennial. 
Often used with: N/A
Spirit animal: The cast of Golden Girls

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