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What Your Facebook Laugh Says About You

Your friend just posted the most hi-larious video of her four-year-old lip-synching “The Humpty Dance.” Your natural e-response: hahahahaha, followed by an emoji--probably the sobbing one--'cause you’re laughing so hard, you’re crying.

Turns out, you’re in the norm. New research from Facebook takes a deeper look at the way we “haha,” “hehe” or “LOL” online and reports that e-laughter is evolving, and age, gender and geographic location all play a role.

The big news: The "LOL" is over and the “haha” followed by emoji is in.

But Facebook drills down further: If you live in the Midwest, a simple emoji is enough to convey you’re ROTFL. People from Southern cities: You love to LOL. West coasters and New Englanders: You’re good with a “haha” or “hehe.”

Women are all about using emojis whereas men prefer to give a longer “hehehe” to express laughter.

As for the people who “HAHAHAHAHAjakldjfaksdfjaisd” online, you’re in a category all your own.

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