Picture this: You’re blissfully dozing, tucked beneath your warm, clean duvet, when you hear it--the sound of a sexy Frenchman gently coaxing you awake.

No, you’re not dreaming (and you didn’t hook up with Pierre, the new finance guy, either). You simply downloaded the Morning Man Alarm Clock, a new iPhone alarm app that wakes you up with the international male accent of your choice.

Choose between one of eight alarm dudes--think British, Italian, Spanish and French. Then set your wake-up time and delight in rousing to broken-English sweet nothings and friendly offerings of a caffè Americano. (It's way better than your real beau and his typical early morning musings on the state of his gastrointestinal tract.)

Watch the video demo here before you download. (The American and French accents are free, but you can get the rest of the voices for the bargain rate of $1.)

Silly? Yes. A thoroughly delightful way to wake up? Mais oui!

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