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A swipe of your tablet and you're looking at your home.

Today, your high-tech house enables you to do things like watch TV from your fridge (um, no thanks) and check your home-security camera feed from your laptop (now we?re talking).

What?s more, the latest home video monitor is easy enough to install yourself. 

Dropcam Pro ($199) is a thermostat-sized round camera that attaches to the wall or sits on a table in an adjustable plastic mount. Place it wherever you like--in the living room to make sure your pet?s off the couch, by the front door to see if your teen?s meeting curfew, whatever--and watch a live or recorded feed from your computer or handheld device via the Dropcam app.

An expansive 130-degree field of view and an eight-times zoom mean you-are-there clarity. And how cool is this: There?s two-way audio so you can talk to whoever?s in the room. (Or shout ?Down girl!? to Fluffy.)

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