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Want a Happier Office Life?
We feel you, Bridge.

It’s about that time of year when one of two things happens at work: People either get all tense (cue your boss freaking out over the big end-of-year deadline); or you see someone’s B-side (as in the marketing director giving her holiday-party toast on top of the bar).

Offices are weird.

But we found a cool little gadget that can help keep frictions at bay--at least when it comes to who’s in charge of cleaning up the office pantry.

And that is Managed by Q.

Imagine a sleek little iPad affixed to a wall in your office. Any time you have an operations-related request (cold-brew shortage!), you don’t have to bug your office manager. Instead, just tap your request right into the iPad.

Rather than getting bombarded with dozens of sporadic emails, your manager will get a daily recap of requests, which keeps everyone happy, efficient and out of one another’s hair. (NYC companies like Kickstarter, BarkBox, Bitly and Uber already use this puppy.)

You can also use it to call an on-demand handyman or cleaner to put things back together when the holiday potluck somehow turns into a slightly destructive game of flip cup.

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