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Valet Parking Wherever You Are
Stop circling the block.

Driving to a weekday meeting in the Loop? Good luck finding street parking--and if you do, the meters may cost you more than a new sanity-saving service. 

Let your parking stress melt away with Luxe, an app that sends a valet to meet you wherever you need to ditch your car in the Loop, West Loop, Gold Coast, Streeterville and River North.

Just type your destination address into the app and one of Luxe’s blue-jacketed, background-checked valets will meet you at the curb and take your car to a secure lot. You can pick it up at the same place or somewhere different--just give your valet 15 minutes’ fair warning by clicking “return my car” in the app. (It costs about $5 an hour to park, and the day rate never exceeds $15.)

Need an oil change, a gas refill or a car wash? Luxe’s valets can take care of it for an additional charge ($8 to $40) while you’re nailing that job interview or taking a client to lunch.

Talk about a no-brainer--you’d pay that much to LAZ for the privilege of parking eight blocks away.

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