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You know the drill: You and the officemates are going out for drinks and oysters after work. There’s always a line out the door at Hog Island, and you’re not sure what Waterbar is serving up today. Plus, Dave wants Kumamotos, and Jen is in the mood for Marin Miyagis. What’s a girl to do?

Not to worry: Pearl comes to the rescue.

The free iPhone app provides daily oyster selections at nearby restaurants so you can find out what places like The Market and Ichi Kakiya are shucking before you set foot outside your cubicle. It even maps out spots in the neighborhood with $1 oyster deals. 

You can also browse the app’s bivalve database, which features photos and descriptions of a variety of oysters, giving info such as origin, size, brininess rating and flavor profile (sweet like melon or crisp like cucumber).

Now all you have to do is finish that report and get over to Ferry Plaza Seafood before last call.

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