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Don't just stand there!

You just finished a marathon meal at Girl & the Goat. Normally, you’d be digging up cash from the bottom of your bag and shivering on the sidewalk while waiting for the valet to bring your car around.

Now, with the new app Parche (pronounced par-shay) developed by Chicago-based digital agency Vokal, you can request your car, pay the fee and even add a tip from the warmth of your dinner table.

It works like this: Download the free app and register your payment info. Then park like usual with the valet at participating restaurants--so far, Girl & the Goat, Momotaro, GT Fish & Oyster and Rockit are among the heavy hitters on board--and the claim ticket they give you will have a code to scan when you’re ready to leave.

Go inside, enjoy your meal, and scan the ticket to request your car when you're wrapping things up.

The valet cost, tip and a small convenience fee will be charged to your account, and you’ll get an alert when your car’s out front. (Since the City of Chicago won't allow cars to stand in loading zones, Parche asks that you be out within two minutes of the notification.) 

So simple, you can do it in between bites of those PB&J dessert doughnuts.

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