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Lyft Line
More (passengers) means less (fare) using Lyft Line.

You’re tipsy and tired, so you responsibly call a car. Then you wake up to a hangover and a $50 debit card fee.

Luckily, you can now get cheaper rides by sharing space with other people going in the same direction. Lyft Line matches up folks who are going a similar way and willing to share a pink-mustachioed car--saving up to 60 percent on the cost of a private ride.

It’s easy to use: Open the Lyft app as usual. Select “Line,” and it finds co-riders. Within minutes, you are messaged the ETA of a driver (usually under fifteen minutes) and the cost. Lyft Line fees are discounted versions of Lyft’s already-cheap standard fees ($2.30 flat fee and $1.10 per mile plus $.21 per minute). 

It all works out to a fraction of taxi fare. Let’s say you’re having drinks at the Chateau Marmont before a concert at the Forum. Depending on traffic, a taxi to Inglewood might run you $50, while a Lyft Line trip would cost as little as $11. (Before booking, Lyft even lets you estimate your fee.)

The takeaway? Sharing is caring.

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