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This 30-Second iPhone Trick Could Actually Save Your Life

You guys, listen up: God forbid you have a medical emergency and a doctor or nurse needs to locate your “in case of emergency” contacts. Meanwhile, your phone is password protected and time is of the essence.

All hail South Carolina-based nurse Katherine Jarmy, who shared a super-easy solution for iPhone users.

What you do: Locate the Health app on your iPhone (it comes included on your device) and tap “Medical ID” in the bottom right-hand corner.

Now what? Plug in all your info--everything from your DOB to your emergency contacts and medical conditions. There’s even a space for your blood type.

But my phone has a passcode! In an emergency, that doesn’t matter. A nurse or doctor can simply tap “emergency” on your lock screen and access your medical ID, no problem.

Wow, I feel safer already. We do, too. Thanks, Katherine.

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