The iPad That Can Replace Your Receptionist
Honestly, Pam had better things to do.

Anyone who’s worked for a small company--be it a fledgling start-up or just a quiet little firm--knows one very specific struggle: Who is going to answer the door? (Because, frankly, receptionists are expensive.)

And that’s why Greetly, a sleek new iPad app, is changing the office game. 

Here’s what you do: Mount an iPad to a stand and position it near the door. When visitors walk in, they see the static welcome screen and check in with a few taps. It asks them who they are (guest versus delivery person) and whom they’re there to see. An email, text or phone call is then sent to that contact within the company. The guest is notified that their contact is on the way.

And no innocent bystanders are bothered.

After the cost of the iPad, the service ranges in price from $49 to $199 a month, depending on your headcount and the amount of visitor-log storage you need.

The struggle no longer has to be real.

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