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The Easiest Way to Use Your Phone to Share Your Exact Location

You were supposed to meet your friend Betty in the park 15 minutes ago, but she’s totally lost even though you told her your exact spot (for the seventh time, you’re on the bench next to the pond next to the tallest foliage-covered tree).

Next time, use your iPhone to send her your exact location.

Here’s what you do: Click on your back-and-forth text message stream with Betty and tap the "Details" button in the upper-right-hand corner. There, at the tippy top, you’ll see an option called "Send My Current Location." (Note: You need to have iOS 8 or higher, but your recipient need only have an iPhone.)

When you tap it, Betty will immediately receive a map with a pin that shows your location. And if that isn’t easy enough, she can click "Directions to Here" and get turn-by-turn directions to your idyllic bench.

Great news: Betty will be there in five.

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