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The Easiest Way to Search for a Flight
Wasn't that easy?

Here at PureWow, we pride ourselves on serving up all the insider tips, tricks, apps and gadgets to make your days the easiest possible. That being said, we've got to talk about Google Flights.

We recently sat in on how-to session, and this revamped feature's got a lot to offer. Here’s what you need to know, no matter what travel plans you’ve got lined up.

Looking for the best deal? Type your request into the search bar (i.e., “Flights from New York to Miami”), then scroll through a calendar to see the lowest available prices highlighted for each day. You can also quickly determine which flights are the best trade-off between price and convenience (because who cares that it’s $100 cheaper if you need to drive to drive to an airport three hours away).

Don’t know where you want to go? It’s OK to be vague. Enter a region or country (i.e., “Flights to Hawaii” or “Flights to Eastern Europe”) and Google will pull up a map that shows you each city with a little price underneath. You can then zoom in to find more information about those destinations, like when people are most likely to travel there (thank heavens your spring break does not line up with those crazy college kids).

Want everything organized and at your fingertips? That’s where the Google app comes into play. This guy can troll to the depths of your inbox to retrieve all your flight itineraries and display them front and center. It alerts you to flight changes and/or cancellations. It can even show you things to do in your area once you arrive. Just say, OK, Google. Tell me the best Mexican restaurant near my hotel.

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