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After months of mangled texts tapped out on our too-big iPhone 6, we’re longing for the days when our thumbs were at one with a real keyboard. Buttons that you push to type the letter you really want? What a concept!

So the release of the new BlackBerry Classic has us strongly considering a switch. Or maybe we’re meant for a two-phone lifestyle: an iPhone for photos and browsing, a BlackBerry for typing and work stuff.

Here’s what the tech sites are saying to amp us up for this soon-to-be-released trip down memory lane:

• CNET points out that if you’re willing to trade screen size for an awesome keyboard, the Classic is a QWERTY lovers’s dream.

• GSMArena says that the phone’s updated operating system--BlackBerry’s OS 10.3.1--is bound to lure corporate players who value strong security.

• The Verge (hilariously) boils it down to this: The Classic is for jamming on email with one hand and pounding out replies like a boss.

• CrackBerry says the phone feels solid and comfortable in your hands--like a device that’s built to last.

• BlackBerry itself tells us that the Classic will go for the bargain price of $50 when you sign a contract with the two carriers signed on to offer the phone so far: Verizon and AT&T.

Are your fingers ready to do the talking?

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