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The App That Lets You Trade Stock Like a Pro
If they can do it, so can you.

Want to keep an eye on the stock market--maybe even pick up a hot tip or two--but not make it your full-time job to dissect The Wall Street Journal?

Sign up for StockTwits, the social media platform where all of the investment bankers and market professionals hang out and share info and ideas. (There’s a website and also an app for Apple and Android.)

If you’re not in the biz, you may not understand every post in the feed--but if you hold shares of, say, Google or Apple, you can get a feel for what’s going on with the stock at any given time by checking out the chatter.

Just enter a market symbol----$GOOG or $AAPL, for instance--and you’ll see all the posts related to that company, from recent news stories to info about who’s buying or unloading how many shares.

Anyone can check out the feed without signing up, but if you do create a free account, you can customize the news you see.

One company we got hooked on watching? BlackBerry. Based on the optimistic talk we saw on StockTwits, we’re thinking the tech company that we once thought was doomed just might be on the upswing.

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