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You thought you were pretty slick with your adorable 15-second Instagram videos. Then you got fancy with an app that let you add music and special effects to your clips.

Now we?ve discovered the next big thing in ?iPhonography?: Ultrakam for iPhone.

Here?s the deal: Ultrakam ($9.99) is geared toward professionals, but it?s simple enough to get the hang of if you?re an iPhone whiz who doesn?t mind clicking around a bit. And what really makes this app a standout is its 4K video capability.

What?s 4K, you ask? It?s Hollywood?s new gold standard in super-high-definition screen resolution. More and more movies and TV shows are now being shot in 4K--which makes everything look incredibly sharp and engaging and oh so right there.

So you?re basically turning your iPhone 6 into a 4K video camera. (Well, kind of. Check out The Unofficial Apple Weblog for the full techie rundown.)

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