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We get it: You want to share some serious L.A. eye candy with all your pals on Instagram. But after a while, all those palm trees and stuck-in-traffic selfies can get a little old. (You’re better than that, OK?) Do your followers a favor and refrain from posting these nine scenes.

Palm Trees

The silhouette shot is pretty much played out.

Driving Selfie

We’re as bored as the kid in the backseat. Plus, safety much?


Lovely, but let’s not forget that it’s pretty much a tropical weed.

Capitol Records

This just means you were unlucky enough to be walking in Hollywood.

Vintage Cars

So many streets with well-preserved cars. So. Many.

Street Art

This Vincent Lamouroux art installation of a whitewashed motel is cool. But not the 563rd time it shows up in your feed.


Only thing worse than a latte shot is a shoes-and-tile shot.

Hollywood Sign

Only allowed if you don’t live here.


Every day has one, people.

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