Whether you’re a slob or a neat freak, an auto enthusiast or a total driving spaz, the fact remains that there are 27 things you need to have in your car at all times. You heard us: 27.

Read on to see what. 

1. Your Registration
You? Speeding? Never!

2. A Paper Map
Two words: Dead zone.

3. A Phone Charger
Because Waze drains your battery like whoa.

4. A Roll of Quarters and a $5 Bill
Just remember to replace what you spend.

5. An Umbrella
Fact: There will be a downpour when you have to park four blocks away.

6. The Owner’s Manual
No luck programming the radio? This will help.

7. A Bottle of Water
In case you get stuck in traffic for hours…or stuck on the side of the road. 

8. Energy Bars
You too can prevent road rage. 

9. Jumper Cables
And while you’re at it, learn how to use them.

10. An LED Flashlight
Handy if your car breaks down at night. Or if you need to find something that's fallen under your seat.

11. A First-Aid Kit
Stock it with the essentials: Advil, Band-Aids, Neosporin, tampons.

12. Toilet Paper
Hey, emergencies happen.

13. Tissues
Attach a pack to your car visor and go.

14. Ice Scraper + Snow Shovel
Hey, New Englanders, we’re talking to you.

15. A Multi-Tool
If you have to channel your inner MacGyver, be prepared.

16. Shout Wipes
For drive-through emergencies.

17. Duct Tape
See "10 Heroic Duct Tape Car Repairs." Enough said.

18. Road Salt
Icy driveways, it’s on!

19. Paper Towels
Because when you hit a pothole, coffee spills.

20. A Blanket
For chilly nighttime drives--or comfort during a quick car nap.

21. Sunglasses
For sun. (And secretly style.)

22. Lipstick + Mascara
Say yes to spontaneity.

23. Gum
For fresh breath wherever the road may take you.

24. Matches + Flares
So other cars can spot you in an emergency.

25. Hand Sanitizer
Because have you ever been to a gas station bathroom that actually had soap?

26. A Trash Bag
In case anyone gets carsick.

27. Paper + Pen
For jotting down notes — or giving your number to that cute highway trooper. 

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