The 23 Things to Always Have in Your Desk

From a Tide Pen to a spare pair of heels

The secrets of all successful women: passion, ambition, drive--and keeping a spare pair of heels under the desk.

You never know what your day might throw at you (like a pad Thai noodle straight to your white silk blouse). And that’s when stain wipes and 22 other hidden things come in handy.

See which items your office should never be without.

1. A Phone Charger

Don’t be the person with a 15 percent battery at happy hour.

2. A Lint Roller

Truth: Home mirrors lie. You have infinitely more dog hair on your pants than you think.

3. A Tide Pen


4. A Stack of Napkins

See above.

5. Mints

If you did manage to keep all that coffee in your mouth, you’ll need one of these afterward.

6. A Hand Mirror

Fluorescent bathroom lighting. Think about it.

7. Shine-Control Sheets

Dilemma: 9 a.m. forehead versus 4 p.m. forehead.

8. Lipstick + Mascara

The CEO came back from that convention a day early. And she wants to go over her notes right now.

9. A Nail File

For spontaneous hangnails only. (This is not the place for DIY manis.)

10. Hand Lotion

But really it’s for that occasional day your ankles decide to resemble Albuquerque.

11. A Teasing Comb

When you need a little lift.

12. Ponytail Holders

And when you need to lift it all to the top of your head (e.g., while on deadline).

13. Deodorant

Once every, oh, six weeks there’s a day you walk out the door and completely forget this essential grooming step.

14. Tampons

Just don’t tell anyone. Otherwise, every woman on the floor will be knocking down your door.

15. A Chic Little Pouch

Every time you open your drawer, do you really want a dozen toiletries sliding around? Organize ’em.

16. A Compact Umbrella

Just remember to bring it back after the surprise storm.

17. A Sewing Kit

Perhaps, familiarize yourself with button-mending, too.

18. A Spare Pair of Black Flats

New slingbacks, eh?

19. Band-Aids

New slingbacks, eh? Part 2.

20. A Spare Pair of Black Pumps

That client meeting you’ve been prepping for for months…just got moved up to this afternoon.

21. Foot Petals

When said client meeting requires standing in front of a PowerPoint presentation for two hours.

22. Emergency Heel Tips

They’re called GoGo Heel, and when you have a stiletto blowout, they’ll save your shoes from further damage till you can get to the cobbler.

23. A Spare Sweater

Because office buildings are the temperature of the Arctic. Always.