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First things first: We’d like to remind you that Pinterest is an idyllic platform--overflowing with inspiration, wanderlust, mouth-watering recipes and outfits you’d give your right arm to actually wear.

But as with any social media outlet, things can quickly head south. Here, ten people who may be cluttering up your otherwise glorious feed.


The Seasonal Recipes Hoarder

Honest question: Are you ever going to make that chai pumpkin bundt June?


The Creepy Crafter

Welp, we can't unsee the terrifying sock puppet.


The Holiday Fanatic

No one needs a 14-step tutorial to a President’s Day centerpiece.


The Relationship Show-off

Unless your husband is David Beckham, don't post a picture of him.


The Aspiring Comedian

Please leave some e-cards and hamster memes where they belong: in your dad’s email inbox.


The Overly Enthusiastic Newbie

You’ve had a Pinterest account for six months and you've already got 10,000 pins. Dude, chill.


The One Who’s Just Gone [Insert Trendy Diet]

Your 45 Paleo recipes are bumming us all out.


The One Who’s Crowdsourcing Her Wedding...That You’re Not Invited To

You're not even on the D-list, so why be forced to look at 500 images of her napkin holders?

Diaper Pail

The One Who’s Crowdsourcing Her Diaper Pail

Folks, this is why secret boards were invented. Share them accordingly.


The One Who “Might” Be Getting Engaged

Enough with the wedding rings. He gets it. They get it. WE ALL GET IT.

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