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Texting is all well and good. Until your alma mater makes it into the Final Four and no amount of confetti-horn emojis can convey your excitement.

Enter Voxer.

A messaging app that combines the benefits of texting and voice recording, Voxer is like your very own walkie-talkie.

Here’s the gist: Download the free app--available for iOS, Android and Windows--and give Voxer access to your contacts. The next time you want to message someone (both participants must have the app), just hold the “Talk” button and start speaking. Your recipient will receive a notification that you are talking and can choose to start listening live or save it for later and reply when it’s convenient (like voicemail but without waiting for the beep).

The voice recordings are all saved in a thread for 90 days so you can re-listen at your leisure. You can also have group chats and send photos and messages overseas--all for free.

One of our favorite features is the ability to speed up a voice message. Just hit the “1x” icon and you can fly through a recording of Mom droning on about her encounter with the cashier at Market Basket. But this time you won’t delete it before the punch line.

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