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Square One
Yo, Jake. Your cappuccino is ready.

Every day you?re about 15 minutes late for work. ?It?s that perpetual line at Blue Bottle,? you implore. Excuses, excuses.

Now there?s Square Order, an app for iPhone and Android that allows you to order coffee from your phone ahead of time (say, the night before or while you?re blow-drying your hair in the morning).

So how does it work? You open the app and place your Blue Bottle request--perhaps a single-shot mocha latte with low-fat milk and light froth. Then Square Order sends your request along and uses something called ?arrival prediction? technology to alert the café when you?re a few minutes away. The barista preps your drink so that it?s piping-hot when you walk in, and your account is charged automatically.

Breeze to the front of the line, grab your cup of joe and be on your merry way. No waiting necessary.

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