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We’ve all been there: You’re running around town, from West Chelsea to FiDi and back over to the Upper East. But all of a sudden, nature calls. You need a bathroom, and you need it now.

You turn toward the nearest restaurant, only to find a “for customers only” sign in the window. You race for the nearest Starbucks, but the line is ten people deep. Desperate, uncomfortable and on the brink of public shame, you bite your lip and run across the street to that ominous McDonald’s stall. 

Never again, thanks to Looie. It’s a new app that grants access to pristine public restrooms wherever you are.

Download the app and for $25 per month, Looie lets you locate a clean bathroom in a nearby restaurant or café and provides a personal key to access it.

Looie’s own team services the restrooms seven to ten times per day, and the new start-up guarantees clean--even “heavenly”--spaces complete with changing tables and air fresheners.

Now the only remaining reason to ever enter a McDonald’s: a rare, midnight craving for nuggets. That, no one can judge you for.

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