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This Genius Alarm Clock Makes It Impossible to Hit Snooze

We all know that hitting the snooze button isn’t the best idea. But when we’re exhausted and under the weather and in denial that it’s really 6:30 already, buying ourselves an extra ten minutes feels like a smart move.

But we also know that hitting snooze ultimately makes us grumpy…and late.

Meet the Ruggie (available via Kickstarter for $79), a genius new alarm clock mat that makes it impossible to hit snooze since it won’t stop sounding until both feet are firmly planted on the floor.

Here’s how it works: Simply program the time you want to wake up into the mat’s built-in clock. When your alarm goes off, the only way to get it to stop is to place both feet on the fleece memory foam mat for a full three seconds. You can even program it to congratulate you with a motivational quote. (Hey, waking up sans snooze is hard, OK?)

Could you then lift your tootsies off the mat and go back to bed? Probably. Would you feel really crappy about doing so? For sure.

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