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This Free New App Digitizes All Your Old Photos in Super High Res
Google Photos

Flashback to a pre-iPhone world: You’d snap a 36-exposure roll of film, take it to the one-hour kiosk at the mall and walk away with an album’s worth of precious prints. The only problem? Keeping those hard copy (and irreplaceable) pics intact year after year.

Enter PhotoScan, a new app from Google designed to digitize all your printed photos in seconds and at zero cost.

Here’s how it works: Simply download the app (available for iPhone and Android), then open it to see your smartphone’s camera appear. Position the photo you’d like to digitally preserve (say, the “I do” shot from your parents’ wedding) and snap a pic of the pic. Four dots will appear on your now-digital image and you’ll be prompted to shadow them on-screen. (FYI, this final step is what helps remove any glare.) 

The result is a high-res replica of your print—one that will be digitized and added to your camera roll for all eternity (as long as you back up your phone).

Just think of the #tbts.

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