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Photo Op
Say hello to your little friend.

You used to be so organized. Family photos were tucked neatly into albums. But now? Oof. Your photos are everywhere (phone, camera, computer), and you can?t even remember the last time you backed up to the cloud.

Panicked? Don?t be, because you?re about to meet Bevy.

A discreet wireless home device, Bevy collects and organizes every single digital photo you take. Just plug it in, install the corresponding app and give Bevy permission to upload your photos and videos (you can also upload directly using your camera's SD card).

Then, get this: The next photo you take will be sent automatically to both the Bevy app and storage device and organized by date and location (e.g., July 2015, Cape Cod). Anyone can download the app and log in under their own user profile to see all the photos. No more having to explain Dropbox to your in-laws.

Bevy is secured with either a free USB or cloud backup ($59 a year) and keeps up to 400,000 photos or 62 hours of video.

The icing on the cake: It could be yours for a mere $50. First, preorder Bevy before April 30 and save $100 (plus get free shipping). Next, put down the $50 deposit and receive a referral code. Share the code enough (you'll get an additional discount with each new order) and you could cut down your entire payment. Told ya it was good.

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