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Since a new study reports that just looking at adorable pups is amazingly good for your health, we pulled together seven dog Instagram accounts for you to follow right now. Listen. It's for your HEALTH.


Leroy Milo Brown is a rescue who never goes anywhere without his neck scarf. Here, a glance at his typical day.


Wacha’s dad is Andy Cohen. This means he gets to entertain celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker at his rooftop pad.


They grow up so fast. This puppies-only account will make you nostalgic for the early days.


Maddie is a sweet and serious coonhound who loves a good road trip. She’s visited 49 states. Her dad wrote a book about it.


Think of this candid NYC street-style account as Humans of New York: dog edition. There’s even a book coming out this fall.


This clever account chronicles dogs around the world just chillin’, sitting tight and waiting for their owners.


René-Charles is a Frenchie who’s so fashion forward, she has her own calendar for sale.


Samson is a goldendoodle who (much like the rest of us) lives for travel, the beach and the salty sea air.

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