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Ever gone to a wedding and wondered, Should I hit on that tall, anesthesiologist groomsman--or is he actually my cousin?

You, my friend, are a prime candidate for Guesterly, a new service for making adorable little cheat sheets of who's who at any event.

Here’s how it works: In advance of the event (wedding, bar mitzvah, corporate retreat), the host decides how many people she’d like to profile--it can be just the VIPs or everybody in attendance--and creates questions for these people to answer. Say, “How do you know the happy couple?” or “What’s your favorite thing about your job?”

Guesterly then emails the guests, asking for responses and recent head shots. Once everything is in, Guesterly creates a charming short guide to the special day with profiles of all the important peeps.

Hosts have the option of printing the guide in passport-size booklets ($400 for 80 copies profiling 80 people) or just creating a digital version (a flat $99 fee).

Guesterly: Because kissing your cousin just isn’t OK.

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