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Time is money, friends, which is exactly why you can’t be wasting microseconds of your life moving your mouse just to save a file or searching for URLs you’ve already Googled (but, whoops, accidentally closed). That’s why we pulled together a list of helpful keyboard shortcuts for Mac users…whether you’re a computer novice or pro. (Don’t worry, PC users: You’re next!)

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If You Want to Copy
Command + C 

If You Want to Paste
Command + V

If You Want to Undo a Mistake
Command + Z

If You Want to Start a New Doc
Command + N

If You Want to Open an Existing Doc
Command + O 

If You Want to Save
Command + S 

If You Want to Take a Screenshot of Your Whole Screen
Hit Command + Shift + 3 

If You Want to Take a Screenshot
Command + Shift + 4 

If You Accidentally Close the Wrong Google Chrome Tab
Command + Shift + T
(FYI, you can do this up for up to ten tabs.) 

If Your Computer Suddenly Freezes
Command + Option + Escape 

If You Want to Search for a File
Command + Space Bar 

If You Want to Zoom In (or Out) on Your Screen
Command + Shift + Plus or Minus Signs 

If You Want to Type in a New URL
Command + L 

If You Want to Toggle Between Web Browser Tabs
Command + Option + Arrow Keys

If You Want to See All the Apps You Have Open
Command + Tab + Arrow Keys
(Just be sure you continue to hold down the Command key to select a program.)

If You Want to Quickly (and Permanently) Empty the Trash
Command + Shift + Delete
(Make sure you’ve selected the desktop first.) 

If You Have Too Many Programs Open and Need to Find Your Desktop
Command + F3 

If You Want to Hide the Dock on Your Desktop
Command + Option + D
(The same keys bring it back.)

If You Want to Put Your Mac to Sleep
Shift + Control + Power Button

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