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This Futuristic Sleep Mask Could Let You Control Your Dreams

Most of our nighttime fantasies fall into one of two categories: Those that we can’t remember at all and those that require a scientist and a priest to determine why we're chasing our boss naked around the water cooler.

But what if we could actually control our thoughts while we sleep? Vanilla Sky-style?

That’s the idea behind lucid dreaming, the ability to consciously observe--and even influence--your own dreams. And now one company, Remee, is hoping to bring lucid dreaming to the masses with its science-fiction-esque sleep mask ($95).

The concept is this: The sleep mask is built with LED bulbs that light up in certain patterns. Supposedly while in REM sleep (the phase of sleep during which you dream), you become faintly aware of the blinking of the lights and subsequently “wake up” in your dream. And the rest is up to your little ol' brain.

Although it’s nearly impossible to prove that lucid dreaming is even real, we’re willing to try if it means finally planning that dream wedding to a Hemsworth brother.

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