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You used to get a roll of film developed a few times a year. Now you take at least 24 shots at the dog park on a Sunday morning. (You can always delete, right?)

It?s time for spring cleaning, tech version. And that?s where Bevy comes in.

The sleek little wireless device helps you take charge of that gigantic collection of digital photos cluttering up your phone, computer and ?real? camera. Bevy stores up to 400,000 photos--or 62 hours of video--and organizes them by date and location (e.g., June 2015, Ireland).

Set up the box and install the Bevy app on your phone. From then on, you can back up every photo you take (either manually or automatically) to the device. And when your family members install the Bevy app, they can log in and browse the photos whenever they want. 

To get started, preorder Bevy now and get $125 off. (Retail price: $349. Your price: $224.) And for everyone you refer, you?ll save another $25--meaning it just got super-affordable to tidy up and protect your memories.

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