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Kickstart Us: The Apps We Wish Existed

Sometimes we lie awake at night and think, “Man, I really wish my inbox would take care of itself,” or “Wouldn’t it be great if there were Tinder for pregnant women?” Okay, occasionally our thoughts get the best of us. But other times, we come up with true gems. Here, three apps we dream would hit the Apple Store.

Awaken You know those lamps that slowly brighten to help you wake up naturally in the morning? Awaken is like that, but with music. As you go about your morning routine, it starts off with some slow jams but increases in tempo as you’re getting ready to leave (oh hey, Missy Elliott).

RerouteMe Ever gotten into a cab and sworn your driver just took you on the longest possible route to your destination? (Wait, didn’t we just pass the Champs-Élysées?) RerouteMe ensures that this never happens again by sending you an alert if your driver deviates from the most efficient route. It will also give you maps and instructions (in any language necessary), should you need to plead your case.

Pick-Up Roulette Ever been to a bar and told the total creep who’s hitting on you that your name was Bernadette (even though it’s Marcia)? Pick-Up Roulette lets you turn said activity into a game by giving you options for who you’d like to become for the evening. Funny, smooth, corny, flirty? Bar, club, restaurant, PTA meeting? Just spin the wheel, Bernie.

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