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It sounded too good to be true: “To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This,” was the title of a “Modern Love” essay in The New York Times last month.

In the piece, the author recounted how she used the 36 questions created for a psychologist’s two-decades-old study to find out if she had a connection with a man from her climbing gym.

Bingo. Fireworks. They’re now a couple.

Thanks to the huge response to its 36 Questions story, the NYT has created an app to guide you through the list with your love-to-be--from “What does friendship mean to you?” to “When did you last cry in front of another person?”

To test it out, grab your person of interest, tell him or her to block out an hour and then go to on your phone or tablet.

Then start swiping through the questions. If both of you answer honestly and thoughtfully before moving on to the next one, by the end, who knows? You just might be staring back at your soul mate.

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