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Another day, another app that (allegedly) erases text messages after they’re read.

This time it’s a free app called Cyber Dust, which was created by billionaire businessman Mark Cuban. (Maybe you’ve heard of him?)

Unlike its competitors (i.e., Snapchat, Strings, WhatsApp), once a Cyber Dust message is read, it disappears forever and can’t be recovered since it never hits a hard drive. (Note: All parties need to have the app for this to work.) Plus, Cyber Dust is geared toward grown-up users like us--people who might need a private forum for communicating about business deals or off-the-record convos with colleagues or sending emojis to your sister in Seattle all day.

The app also acts as a mini social media platform where you can follow other users, including celebs and Internet personalities. If you’re running a business, you can use Cyber Dust to blast out marketing updates to your own followers.

If it’s good enough for Cuban...

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