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Instagram Announces You Can Now Zoom In On Photos, Moms Everywhere Rejoice
TommL/Getty Images

No offense to Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, but Instagram is still our favorite social medium platform. It’s pretty, it’s easy to navigate and it’s the best way to pretend to be busy when you’re alone in public.

 That doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Chief among our complaints of the photo-sharing app is its refusal to let us zoom in on photos, leaving us to guess what that teenage health blogger included in her deliciously fancy smoothie bowl. 

Until today, that is.

That’s right—to the delight of moms everywhere, you can now pinch to zoom in on photos and videos. All you have to do is make sure your operating system is up to date, then update the Instagram app, and you’re free to magnify as many Kim K selfies as your heart desires.

And for your information, it was goji berries in the smoothie bowl. 

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