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What to Do When Youre Out of Room on Your Phone but Refuse to Delete Another Pic

If you’ve got an older iPhone, you probably have to wait an extra second or two when you open up everyday apps like Safari or iMessage or Google Maps. Whatever--you’re in no rush. But what if we told you we found a genius trick to get your phone to stop acting so sluggish? Check it out.

What you do: Go into your iPhone’s Settings and scroll down to Safari (this web browser comes pre-loaded on your smartphone and is typically set as the default). Tap the button that says Clear History and Website Data. You’re done.

Why this works: The cache on your iPhone takes up a lot of room, especially if you haven’t cleared it since you first bought your phone. We got 500 MB of space back on our own device when we tried this trick.

But wait, is it really OK to clear your history and cookies and stuff? Unless you need a record of every site you’ve ever visited since the beginning of time, you’re probably A-OK to delete.

So? Go back to filling your camera roll with selfies cute puppy pics.

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