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How to Use Snapchat Like the Grown Woman You Are

First of all: We know, we know. Snapchat is something you’ve only heard your 15-year-old niece weaving into sentences between her third “ugh” and her tenth “can’t even.” But you’ve come around to emojis and #squadgoals, so you can come around to this. Snapchat is much more grown-up-friendly now and, frankly, pretty fun. Here’s what you need to know to start snapping.

Who should you follow on Snapchat? Any like-minded, savvy friends of yours. And any celebrities you want to trade lives with. (Just Google their handle first.)

Who should you not follow on Snapchat? Your aforementioned niece. (Cue: 11th “can’t even.”)

What do you get out of Snapchat? Well, there’s the whole voyeuristic look into Rihanna’s yacht party (@rihanna) or behind the scenes at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (@fallontonight). But there’s also real-life, useful content from publishers in Snapchat’s new “Discover” tab. Check in daily to get easy recipe videos from Food Network or red-carpet-fashion porn from People.

What do you post on Snapchat? Should you feel exhibitionistic, snap silly selfies or sunsets or literally anything you’re doing at that moment. (The idea here is to be much less “edited” than Instagram.) Add Snapchat filters, captions and graphics with the keypad or pencil tools. Then select to whom to send the message. (Yes, it’s possible to send to one or two people, not everyone.)

What should you not do on Snapchat? Take a screenshot (thinking you’ll be sneaky and secretly gossip with a friend). When you capture a screen, that person will get an alert that you did. Snap with caution, ladies.

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