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Look, no one’s saying it’s not awesome that we can speak commands to a little robot named Siri who lives inside our phones (that’s how it works, right?). But it’s super annoying that whenever we tell Siri to Text Roberta, she botches the pronunciation every single time. Here’s the easy (and nice) way to correct her. 

Step 1 Hold down the home button (the circle at the bottom of your phone) to access Siri. 

Step 2 When Siri asks: What can I help you with? reply with your command, something like: Siri, please text Roberta.

Step 3 When Siri replies, OK, I can send a message to Rawborta, it’s your job to call her out and say: Siri, that’s not how you pronounce Roberta.

Step 4 She’ll reply: OK, how do you pronounce the name? This is the moment of truth; set Siri straight.

Step 5 After that, she’ll give you a list of recorded versions of your friend’s name. Select the option that sounds the most accurate, and Siri will commit it to digital memory…for good.

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