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According to a recent British study, the average phone is broken within its first ten weeks of life.

Don’t be a statistic.

We checked in with the geniuses at the national phone-fixing company iCracked for some tips on how to avoid destroying that sucker in the first place.


Wear protection

Would you forgo a seat belt? Would you let a ten-year-old ride a bicycle without a helmet? Give your phone the same courtesy by outfitting it with a durable case and tempered-glass screen protector. We like Otterbox MySymmetry, which is remarkably non-bulky.


Take It Out of Your Pants

Don’t be the woman with the iPhone dangling out of her back pocket. Or her bra (we know you’re out there). Get in the habit of always putting your device in a sensible place--like a zippered pocket in your purse or laptop bag--when not in use. It makes it less likely to spill out onto the ground--and easier to find, too.


Don't Walk and Text

We know, we know: You just saw the Countess Luann and you must alert everybody you’ve ever met. But if you care about your phone (or, um, your safety), please don’t. Wait until you’re sitting down or at least out of the way--far less chance of droppage, breakage or otherwise walking out into moving traffic.


Practice car smarts

You know the thing where your phone is in your lap while you’re driving and then you open the door and drop it right onto the pavement? Quit doing that. Have a designated spot in the car (maybe the center console, maybe a phone clip on your dashboard) and always place your phone there. And this should go without saying, but never, ever text and drive. It’s illegal and beyond idiotic.


Stay out of the water

The ocean, the bathtub, the swimming pool--if you’re as klutzy as we are, you cannot be trusted with electronics in such aquatic locales. Leave your devices in a dry spot and bring something less high-stakes (say, a nice book made of paper) to your next bath or pool party.


Don't be a hot mess

Nothing good ever came from tequila-fueled texting. If you’re too drunk to remember your passcode, you’re probably too drunk to safely hold it steady. Really, you just shouldn’t be operating a telephone to begin with.

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