How to Skip To The Next Song By Using Your Earbuds

You’re at the gym rocking out to Justin Bieber something really classy, when suddenly a bizarro version of “All I Want for Christmas” starts to play. You want to skip the song, but reaching for your iPhone while running is a huge pain. Good thing we found a better way.

What you need: The new Apple earbuds (the ones with the volume buttons on the cord).

What you do: Plug them into your phone and start playing music through Spotify, Pandora, iTunes--whatever music app you like. When you want to skip a song, simply click the middle button (the one between the plus and the minus signs) twice in a row. On to the next song you go.

But wait, now I want to go back. Click the middle button three times in a row.

That’s so useful! Yup, we thought so, too.

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