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Finally! You Can Send a Handwritten Card from Your Phone

We’re all ladies here. We appreciate quality stationery and a gracious gesture. But the 21st century has eaten us and we can somehow never manage to relinquish our phones. Or step foot inside a post office, even to buy stamps.

That’s where Punkpost comes in. This handy little app takes your personal messages and transcribes them onto cards for you.

Here’s how it works: You pick your card style (the collection features a huge variety of designs) and then type your message and the recipient’s address. You can also choose fun extra surprises (say, a printed picture or even a confetti bomb inside the card). Hit send and a professional (with, frankly, better handwriting than us) writes your message and addresses your envelope.

We gave it a go, and in about four hours, we received an email with a picture of the card and envelope. For now, you can’t approve the final design, so once it’s written, the stamped card is in the mail that same day.

The whole shebang--including the card, envelope, stamp and writing--will set you back just $6 (plus an extra $1.50 for a photo or confetti). And the first one’s free to try it out.

As thoughtful as writing the letter yourself? Not quite. A huge time-saver that Aunt JoAnn won’t even realize is from a stranger? Definitely.

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