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Fast Dying Phone? Heres a Nifty Trick

If your iPhone is always running low on battery life and you don’t know why, there might be one app that’s sneakily stealing all your juice. Here’s a quick trick for pinpointing the culprit.

What do I do? Open your phone’s settings, then scroll down to where it says Battery. There, you’ll see a laundry list of all the apps on your phone, along with the percentage of battery they’ve been zapping every time you use them (for example, it turns out our “occasional” Instagram scrolls drained 27 percent of our battery life over a 24-hour period, where as Safari drained 6 percent and Amazon only 1 percent.)

OK, but how much time did I spend on Instagram? If you tap the clock face beneath your battery usage, you can actually see a minute-by-minute breakdown of exactly how long you spent in each app (reality check: 27 percent meant we spent 36 minutes on Instagram).

So? Knowledge is power. Now that you can pinpoint the battery hog on your iPhone, you can decide what you want to do about it.

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